Saturday, 11 July 2015

Why is Operation Southern Storm failing?

On 25 June, Syrian Revolutionaries of the FSA’s Southern Front and Jihadists from Army of the Conquest – Southern Sector including other Syrian Islamist groups launched an Operation to capture the city of Daraa and surrounding towns from Syrian government forces, the Operation is led by FSA Southern Front.  

After weeks of intensive fighting between the Syrian Opposition and Syrian regime in Daraa, Syrian Opposition have failed to pass the regime’s well protected city and to make any military success so far that could be part of the plan to liberate the city but the fight is still going.

Operation Southern Storm logo / Twitter

There are many reasons for the opposition’s failure to capture the city so far despite the heavy fighting:

Internal disagreements – Internal disagreements between some Syrian revolutionary and Syrian Jihadist factions, important moderate revolutionary factions like Yarmouk Army, First Army and other FSA groups issued statement refusing to co-operate with Nusra Front or any other Jihadist groups that have similar ideology, this kind of disagreements have affected the progress of this operation. Many experts suggest that Jordan and the West countries have ordered FSA groups to reject any co-operation with Nusra Front otherwise they will not support them military.

Misjudgement – Misjudgement is one of the reasons for failing of the Operation Southern Storm, the leaders of the Opposition factions underestimated the power of the Syrian government forces inside the city and expected them to fall easily like what happened in Idlib province earlier this year despite months of planning and preparation for this Operation.

MOC's negative role - MOC refused to support the Operation because of the participation of Army of Conquests which consist of Jihadist groups like Nusra Front [al-Qaeda linked group] and other Islamist groups, MOC plays an important role in the south were it supports FSA’s Southern Front military.

MOC [Military Operation Co-operation] it’s a military operation room that’s was created in 2013 by Friends of Syria countries like USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The objective of this military operation room is to train the Syrian revolutionaries and to support them constantly in their fronts. This operation room is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.  

The Opposition factions are able to liberate the city since they are well trained and experienced now, the liberation of Daraa will marks an important victory and a strategic shift by the well-organized FSA’s Southern Front in the south of the country. Syrian Government forces have shelled the revolutionary’s positions with missiles and dropped barrel bombs in order to slow their advance down. If Daraa is liberated the revolutionaries would advance towards the capital Damascus, just 100 km to the north.

FSA fighters preparing for the Operation / Al Jazeera

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