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Jaysh al-Sanaded

Jaysh al-Sanaded [Arabic: Army of the Stronger] is a local tribal militia that was formed in 2013 and it is mainly present in the North West of Syria or in Jazira Canton which is part of Rojava [Syrian Kurdistan], the militia consists of Sunni Arabs from the tribe of Shammer which has a population of 500,000 and they are located in North west of Syria and Northern Iraq, historically it’s one of the most influential Arab tribes in the Middle East.

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The tribe is led by Sheikh Hamidi al-Daham al-Hadi who is the leader of the Shammer tribe in Syria and he is the governor of Jazira Canton alongside Akram Hesso.

Sheikh Hamidi al-Daham al-Hadi / Facebook 

Jaysh al-Sanaded is commanded Bandar al-Hamidi and his deputy Yawer al-Hamidi, the militia has participated in many battles alongside the Kurdish YPG & YPJ against Islamic State, they have managed to defeat the Islamic State in Tall Hamis, Tell Brak and Yaroubiya border crossing. Jaysh al-Sanaded is a defensive force which consist of 3,000 fighters and is objected to defend Jazira Canton and to guard the Syria-Iraq border.

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The Shammar tribe's FSA brigade, Liwa Ahrar al-Jazira [LAJ] which had around 1,500 fighters, was expelled from Yaroubiya in mid-October 2014 by YPG and Jaysh al-Sanaded, following the allegations of corruption by Islamic State. The YPG used the local resentment against IS to dominate the town. 

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