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Zionist and Safavid projects in the Arab world

Let’s all agree that Iran has the right to try applying its model in the Arab world via the Shiite minorities that are scattered throughout the Arab countries, will the majority [Sunni Muslims] accept the Iranian Shiite model? No they would reject it! Also they would be ready to confront it by any means like we see now in Iraq and Yemen. The process will become a recipe for a sectarian war raging within the Arab countries that were infiltrated by Iran.

Iran uses the Shiite minorities as a Trojan horse within Arab world, if not just a fuel for the Iranian destructive project to the region. What does Iran want from its Shiite proxies in the Arab countries apart from internal sectarian conflicts? Does that sound familiar with other projects like the Western and Zionist projects that have the same goal which is to create endless conflicts that will continue for many years? There is no doubt that dividing the Arab countries and turning them into conflicting mini-states would strategically serve Israel’s national security.

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According to “Kivunim” document which was published in February1982, it mentions clearly that from the interest of Israel is to divide the Arab world into many small conflicting states based on the ethnic or sectarian composition of each state. There is also a familiar document called “Blood Borders” which was written by a US army officer and a military strategist Ralph Peters kept an article “Blood Borders” that was published in “Armed Forces Journal”, it is similar to the Israeli map but it’s considered to be more dangerous because its objectives is not only to divide the Arab countries but also to create internal bloody wars which will last for a long time. There is no need to explain that there are some American orientalists who wrote about the necessity of creating civil wars in the Middle East.

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The Safavid project which refers to the Iranian expansionist project, there would be some questions about why is Iran intervening in many Arab countries?  Is it doing the same actions like the Westerns and Zionists which is trying to create chaos in the Middle East? As long we disagree with British-French secret agreement of “Sykes-Picot” which divided the Arab world into many States during World War I, but the danger now is much bigger now since Iran started to intervene in the Arab world. Iran is working on dividing the Arab countries by spreading the Shiite faith among the Sunni population and creating governments that are loyal to Iran through its proxies, for example for what is happening now in Yemen and Iraq were Iran is publicly supporting its Shiite proxies like Houthis which led a coup against the Yemeni government then started to attack all cities that refused to accept their control. Ali Riza Zakani, a member of the Iranian parliament [Majlis] who is close to Supreme guide Ali Khamenei, said "Three Arab capitals have today ended up in the hands of Iran and belong to the Islamic Iranian revolution". He also noted that Sanaa has now become the fourth Arab capital that is on its way to joining the Iranian revolution. Later in September 2014, Houthi fighters captured the Yemeni capital of Sana'a, overthrowing Hadi's government.

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The Iranian interventions has led for what is known in the Arab media as “Shiite Crescent” Starting from Yemen up to Iraq, it clear that Iran is trying its best to take over Arab countries by installing Shiites as the governors protecting the Iranian interests in the region. For example Saddam Hussein’s regime was oppressing the Shiites in Iraq during his period for more than 30 years this was the excuse for the Iranians to intervene in Iraq in the pretext of “protecting the Shiites” then later After the US invasion of Iraq, Iranians have installed Shiites as the main officials in the Iraqi Government by Majority excluding the other minorities like Sunnis, which led to many protests then to a sectarian civil war from 2006 until today were many experts believe that Iraq might be divided into many states if this sectarian conflict continues.

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Iran has supported the 2011 protests in Bahrain against the Bahraini regime and it continues to support it in order to overthrow the Sunni led Government so Iran can annex it since it claims that Bahrain is historically part of Iran. In Syria the picture is much clear, Iran has publicly supported Assad regime financially and militarily in order to crush the Syrian revolution. This unlimited support to Assad regime by Iran has many reasons and the main one is because of its Sectarian background. There is no doubt that Iran knows that the vast majority of the Syrian people do not follow Shiite sect, and therefore they cannot accept Iran's influence in Syria so Iran are ready to divide Syria if other Superpowers agrees on that aswell because it would benefit Iran more since they need the Syrian coast [Latakia and Tartus] to be safe so they can secure the supply route to Lebanon in order to support its proxy the Shiite Lebanese militia Hezbollah which they declared many times that they politically follow Iran before the Lebanese government.

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